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Good Food Always
We've got everything Italian...and then some. From comfort food to healthy choices, pizza party to killer ribs, we are your home away from Mom's kitchen. Our Ceder Lake Menu is as full as your belly wants to be and our Dyer express menu makes lunch or dinner fast and easy.

Both locations serve up dinner TOGO, FAMILY STYLE, INDIVIDUALLY and DELIVERY.

CEDAR LAKE, IN  (download menu)
Our house specialties at Cedar Lake include over 20 appetizers and salads, 13 great sandwiches, a long list of authentic pasta delights and over 20 different entree dinners for you and your little bambinos. Try our 4 cheese mac and cheese with chicken, mouth watering farfalle, authentic gnocchi, delicious fried perch and mouth watering ribs for sure fulfillment!

The Cedar Lake Location also has a full bar, so stay late and live it up! Cedar Lake is home to many private parties, outdoor dining, showers and late nights, beyond just dinner for 2. We deliver to most every home and business in Lowell, Cedar Lake, and St. John. Good times!

DYER, IN  (download togo menu)
Zuni's House of Pizza in Dyer is a perfect pair for lunch and dinner togo. You can dine in and have a beer if you'd like, but we can always deliver. Most of our great menu can be found in Dyer especially our fabulous soups, original sandwiches, and many of our italian entrees. But if you want our specialty, try our legendary PIZZA!

We deliver all dinners and pizzas to most every business, hospital and home in Dyer, St. John, Schererville, Lynwood and Sauk Village. Mmmm, mmmmmm ... Good thing you came to Zuni's!